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Clemence Watches - Founder's Story

A digital Mickey Mouse first sparked my interest in watches, but that was the early 90s and I was still running around in light-up trainers and swinging off trees.

Growing up, Dad would tell me stories about my late Grandfather, Poppa Tom. He had passed away 30 years earlier but Dad always kept several mementos of him close by; Poppa Tom’s war medals, a photo of him looking lovingly at Nanna, and his watch, a gold Universal Genève. A child of curiosity, I remember being fascinated by this timepiece, trying it on next to Micky. As the loose strap slipped down my scrawny forearm, Dad would recall stories of Poppa Tom riding his motorbike through the Lake District and the two of them restoring a Mk1 Mini together. The watch was, and still is, a time machine to these moments. This is how I fell in love with watches.

A few decades later and Poppa Tom’s watch now fits, snuggly in the same notch he wore it. Imbued by those early memories, my vision is to create watches that will go the distance, with a spirit of adventure and legacy.

Tom Clemence

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Our Values


Clemence Watches is an independent band, based in Britain. This means we take a hands-on approach to everything, delivering in-house service wherever we can. In doing so, we have the freedom to make our vision of the perfect watch.

Our watches are assembled by horologists here in Britain, using watch parts designed in Britain and manufactured in Japan and China. By working with local experts we ensure our watches are assembled and tested with the care they deserve - proudly upholding the values of the British Watch & Clock Makers Alliance.


We stand behind our watches and are committed to ensuring we have the spare parts to carry out routine repairs and services for at least 10 years after sale.


For every Photic Diver that is sold, we will plant native trees to help reforest Scotland. In addition, every Photic Diver will be climate-positive. This means we will sequester at least twice the carbon footprint of each watch's life cycle.


This is our legacy, helping to leave the environment in a better state than we found it; protecting the wild places we love to explore.

As an Ecologist by training, I’m proud to fund this commitment through reduced profits, not an inflated cost of our watches.

Servicing and Maintenance 

Clemence Watches are built to last. That means starting with reliable, long-lasting materials and parts. It also means having the option of high-quality repairs and servicing.

We've partnered with British watchmakers Horologium to provide authorized servicing and ensure Clemence Watches keep ticking for years to come.

When the time comes, please get in touch with us or Horologium to arrange any servicing or maintenance you require.

Clemence Watches Servicing for the Photic Diver
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