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  Setting Time & Synchronisation  

1. Turn crown counter clockwise to unscrew.

2. Rotate crown 40x clockwise to wind watch.

3. When second hand reaches 12 o’clock, gently pull the crown to set position. 

4. Synchronise time with master clock.

5. Push crown to restart watch. Maintain push pressure & screw crown clockwise. Hand tighten to re-engage waterproof seal.

  Bezel Operation  

1. Turn the unidirectional bezel counter clockwise to align triangle with minute hand.

2. Count elapsed time using bezel markers. Each marker represents 5 minutes.

The bezel on the Photic can also be used to track a second time zone. In this mode, each marker represents 1 hr and the triangle represents 12 o'clock in the second time zone.

  Bracelet Sizing  

Your watch bracelet uses screw links. These can be removed by a qualified watchmaker using a 1.4mm slotted screwdriver. All our screws are tightened during assembly to ensure they do not become loose during the rigors of long-term wear. We therefore recommend using the services of your local watchmaker or jeweler to help resize your bracelet and to avoid accidental damage.

  Our Packaging  

Recyclable, biodegradable, low impact - this is the approach we've taken with our packaging, staying true to our values.

  Trees & Carbon  

We plant a native tree for every Photic Diver sold, helping to reforest Scotland.

You can find your tree by entering the What3Words location written on your warranty card.


We also sequester at least twice the carbon footprint of each watch. We're doing this by helping to provide cleaner fuel sources and more efficient technologies in developing countries through Ecologi's Gold Standard Climate Projects.


This is our legacy - to leave the world a better place than we found it.


Our watches are backed by a 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defects that occur during normal use. For full details please refer to the warranty section of our Terms.


We offer a 14 days return period from the date of delivery. Please contact Clemence Watches ( to initiate the returns process.


Please inspect your watch thoroughly upon receipt, before unwrapping, wearing or resizing. We can only accept returns if the watch is in new, unworn condition, with the plastic wrap still on the watch. For full details of our returns policy please refer to our Terms.

If you haven't been able to find answers to your questions or would like to let us know how you're getting on with the Photic, please get in touch!

DM: @clemencewatches

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