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Climate Positive

More Trees

Clemence Watches are partnered with the Future Forest Company to help reforest parts of Scotland.


For every watch we sell, we plant a UK native tree, providing a legacy of benefits to local biodiversity and our global environment.


The owner of each watch will be provided with a what3words geolocation of their individual tree.

This means you'll be able to visit your tree in person or watch it online, growing as part of a forest - we think that's pretty special.

Less Carbon

We also sequester at least twice the carbon footprint of each watch.


To achieve this, we're working with Ecologi on their Gold Standard Climate Projects. These include providing cleaner fuel sources and more efficient technologies in developing countries. 

Clemence Watches Photic Diver Climate Positive

We love trees. When planted responsibly they can benefit not only their immediate surroundings, but also those far afield.

Trees help to protect & enhance the wild places we love to explore on land and sea:

  • Canopies and limbs provide homes for wildlife essential to ecosystem health.

  • Roots stabilise soils, reducing volumes of sediment entering rivers, improving aquatic habitats.

  • The mass of the tree sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, helping to reduce ocean acidification and protect coral reefs.

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