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Collab Pieces

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Clemence X Horologium

To celebrate independent British Watchmaking, Clemence Watches & Horologium have collaborated to create two bold new colourways - Orca and Nemo, fresh sporty dials paired with polished deep black accents.


Horologium, an independent British based Watchmaker, founded by husband and wife team Raphael and Raquel, already assemble and test every Photic Diver. However, they're elevating the Collab pieces to an even greater proposition!


Expertly regulated by hand in four positions, the Collab pieces will boast a boosted accuracy of -2/+3 seconds a day average!

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New Colourways

Three enticing colourways join the Photic Diver family. Kelp, Reef and Anemone. Each with a subdued matt fume dial and our signature bronze gilt accents. 

Our new colourways come with the same features we love from the original Photic Diver, plus more options for customisation!

Choose your favourite colourway and strap combo for the prefect ‘go anywhere do anything’ diver.



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Find Your Perfect Fit

The Engineered Sailcloth and Elastic Hook straps! Elevated or super casual? This dream combo has you covered.

The Engineered Sailcloth is backed by a vented, supple rubber to provide a 100% waterproof strap that's as durable as it is comfortable.

For our Elastic Hook strap, imagine pajamas for your wrist... really really good looking pajamas. This strap offers the security benefits of a traditional nylon past-through, with more comfort than ever before.

Enter the Virtual Booth to choose your favourite new colourway and accessories!

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